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The Forward platform is a leading provider of freight management services, taking logistics in a new direction for both shippers and carriers by offering a diversity of transportation options to companies of all sizes worldwide. The company implements cutting-edge technologies to fully automate its operations and end-to-end delivery process in order to make freight trading more convenient and efficient.

Project Brief

The idea behind the project was to grant Forward customers accessibility to their services via developing a web and a mobile platform that standardize partnership models between freighters and shippers and ensures the smooth ongoing of the management freight process. Customers can monitor and track their freight individually and receive timely updates, related reports, and proper documentation as well as a direct communication portal to the operating team until delivery.

Faced Challenges

Establishing a robust entity management system to manage all users

Our team’s main challenges included the creation of a centralized entity management system to manage all users and assign them roles, as well as an accounting system to manage and validate data points like invoices, quotes, journals, and audit trails. It was also crucial to implement a container tracking module that allows the company to manage its shipments and consolidate movements from various carriers.

Project Approach

We assigned a business analyst to conduct a detailed discovery workshop with our client to understand the project requirements and write business rule documents, draw mind maps, create flow charts and ensure the consent of the client for every step.

After the Project Workshop, we created the Project Plan and Work Breakdown Structure for the project to set the scope for the development phase. This project was divided into six deliverables and a final release.

We have also aligned a quality assurance team to identify the validation criteria for each step of the project development for the developers to conduct unit testing and for the audit to ensure the project meets the quality standards.

During the development phase, we maintained a continuous testing, reviewing, and validation approach per task on a daily basis and per module while carrying out an efficient documentation and reporting process regularly.

We maintained biweekly communication and demo sessions with our client and the involved stakeholders to take feedback on each deliverable to detect nonconformities and take corrective actions.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time shipment tracking via a map
  • A smart research tool for freights in shipment.
  • A Web and mobile tracking and booking, in a single step.
  • An end-to-end secured and encrypted transmission of messages in chats
  • Tracking dashboard and report generator of Freight company assignments and shipment information exchange for real-time evaluations.
  • Accounting board to track finances and accounting details in an efficient and timely manner
  • A centralized document management system to manage documents and generate contracts
  • Automated Updates & validations with safe data entries for both shippers and freight companies.

A holistic approach was taken to deliver the project starting from the discovery phase, development to testing and implementation.


Forward Freight Logistics web and mobile platforms were launched successfully after 19 weeks of development with a positive response from stakeholders and early users. The platform lowers the risk of non-compliance and activates mobility for all shippers and freight forwarders by providing end-to-end logistical, legal, and distribution solutions.

Technologies Used

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