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   November 04, 2010

J. Korin is a multi-divisional textile company that has made a huge mark on the textile scene of Surat. The group is spread across the value chain of textile sectors from fibre manufacturing to finished fabrics and has integrated the processes efficiently. We engage in the manufacturing of yarn, pre-winded bobbins, yarn dyeing, fabric manufacturing, textile machinery trading, manufacturing of recycled fibre with state-of-the-art infrastructure. As a forward-looking group, planned infrastructural developments have helped us integrate various processes and lines of businesses and establish ourselves as a niche player in the Indian Textile Industry.

J. Korin Group have also diversified ourselves into the manufacturing and trading of innovative building material in line with our vision. With a mix of experience and enterprising spirit and vision to make this into a respectable organization, J.Korin is all set to take a leap forward in the next phase of growth.

J Korin was born out of our Founder Shri. Surendra N. Jariwala’s vision to create an establishment with excellence in the field of textiles. Our company had a modest beginning in the 1960s where our Founder laid the foundation of what we are today. Shree Yoganand Textiles was started as a partnership firm with 4 Power Looms in the then booming textile hub of Surat. While the business was doing well, our Mr. Jariwala being a visionary laid foundation for more areas of growth.

By 2015, J. Korin Group has widened their horizon into various other fields. Our vision is to be India’s best consumer centric company where in emphasis will be on making relevant connections to people and places, and making sure to make available a quality product for our customers.


Our Products

  •         Polyester Mono Filament Yarn
  •         Nylon Mono Filament Yarn
  •         Polyester Mother Yarn
  •         Construction Material
  •         Nylon Mother Yarn
  •         Textured Mono Filament Yarn
  •         Bobbins
  •         Velvet Fabric
  •         Shuttle Changes Velvet Loom
  •         Dyed Yarn
  •         Polyester Recycled Fibre
  •         Mother Yarn Direct Split Warpping Machine
  •         Mother Yarn Automatic Splitting Machine
  •         TTS- High Speed Warp Knitting Machine El Controller


Along with spreading into different sectors, J. Korin Group has also spread their business in numerous countries of the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Poland, etc. For more details, click here.

J. Korin Group has a wide range of products and machines. You can also view their products in their gallery.

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