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   October 12, 2017

Heard the word 'desi naamu?' How convenient it was to write accounts in books. But then to tally the balance sheets at the end of every financial year from hundreds of books maintained throughout the year is a tedious task. So, Eastern Techno Solutions have given a full packaged power pack solution to it. MCS has a goodwill in Surat, in providing best accounting services There are 5000+ users are presently using this technology.

Initially, the program started with a web-based-application, where you could enter, cut, copy, delete or change any entry with minute details. The web-based-application supported businesses involved in weaving looms, dyeing houses, fabrication units, hospitals, traders, doctors, CAs, architects, malls, showrooms, hotels and a lot more. So basically, any business you are into, say manufacturing or retailing, MCS application serves you with best accounting solutions. The next step was to create mobile applications that were handy enough to enter all your entries from anywhere. Once the MCS program is installed in your PC, you can avail all services viz. web-based to mobile-based.

The Android version of this app is made using Java language. Java is an object-oriented programming language that serves your application with user defined outlook, designs, fonts, colour combinations, transitions, and customization. Java is used to keep the application user-friendly and manageable with fewer efforts.

The iOS version is made using Swift language. Swift is a multi-paradigm and compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. it is used as an alternative to objective-C. This made the size of application smaller. The quantity of code is less and hence, the number of errors have been decreased which gives an output of better quality. The app runs at a faster pace with interactive designs and open-source networks. It is closer to most of the platforms, so changes made in Android versions can be easily modified and reflected in iOS version also.

The entire development is done using material design. Material design was designed by Google, with a complete blend of beautiful designs and creatively innovate technology according to the use of the user. As the name suggests, it provides you with finely specific material oriented designing and graphics that are sufficient and also necessary for your requirement.

Customization is feasible at the user level. So, the unwanted columns can be ruled out and new ones can be added according to your business criterion. The software development is done in an industry specific manner so that every industry is able to use the software according to its requirement.

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Hardware Requirements

1. Minimum 2GB RAM

2. 500GB HDD.

3. The application supports all types of printers except dot matrix.

Accounting heads involve sales/purchase, bank/cash, and all statements of accountancy, TDS-VAT reports etc.

Features Supported

1. Book/Account freezing

2. Data import/export

3. Multi Company Zoom

4. User multi-level security

5. User wise edit-delete log

6. Barcode scanning and printing

7. Year wise data backup and restore

8. SMS - email

9. Special report in CSV/Excel

10. PDF reporting

11. Entire library of reports

12. Software support on Android and iOS mobile applications.