Application for music, videos and fun - Mixmi

   June 25, 2017

In this fast-moving era, people have everything at their fingertips. Mixmi is one such app that lets you record short videos or select videos from your phone memory, and post them on the app. You can capture videos in your phone or you can even post videos from your phone’s memory. You can even select a particular soundtrack and record a video for that. You can even like and share a video on this app.

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Once you download this app, you will be asked to verify your phone number. After this, you will be asked to enter your name and username.

Once your number is verified, you will have access to the news feed of this app where you will be able to view videos posted on the app by other users. 

Understanding the Functions

 By tapping on this icon, you will be able to view videos having most likes.

 New video: This button is used to add new videos. By clicking on this, you will get three options:

  • Pick music: As the name suggests, you will be able to select a music track for your video and then you will be able to record a video on that track.
  • Pick video: In this option, you can select an existing video from our phone and upload it. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, the user will be asked to select a portion of duration 15 seconds.
  • Record video: Using this option, you will be able to record a video on your phone and then upload it. In this option, you will not be required to select a track for your video.

If you click on “Pick music”, a list of songs in various categories will be displayed. You can pick a track of your choice! Once you have selected the track, you can now record a video and post it on the app.

By using the search button, you can browse the app for songs, hashtags and users.

 By clicking on this icon, you can view your profile.

In your profile, various details are displayed:

  • Likes: This displays the total number of likes.
  • Shares: This displays the total number of shares.
  • Capture Video: This option displays the number of videos captured on your phone.
  • Views: This option displays the number of views on your videos.

By selecting “Edit profile”, you can edit your details such as updating your status, changing your username, etc.

Technical Aspects

Android version of this app is developed using Java language. Java is an object-oriented programming language that serves your application with user defined outlook, designs, fonts, colour combinations, transitions and customization. Java is used to keep the application user-friendly and manageable with fewer efforts.

iOS version is made using Swift language. Swift is a multi-paradigm and compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. It is used as an alternative to objective-C. This makes size of the application smaller and hence the quantity of code is decreased. Therefore, the number of errors reduces and this improves the quality of the output that is obtained. The app runs at a faster pace with interactive designs and open-source networks.

Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), also known as "backend as a service" (BaaS), is a model for providing web app and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage. In this application, we have used Parse as BaaS. Parse Server: Parse is a backend as a service providing company which was acquired by Facebook in 2013. In other words, they provide you with an application development platform in the cloud.We have deployed our app on Amazon Web Service (AWS).  AWS provides many services to help customers architect a secure, agile, and scalable backend for their hybrid mobile apps. This eliminates the customer to manage their own backend service which reduces the cost and increases productivity and innovations.