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   November 16, 2013

Darbar Group’s story is one of innovation, growth and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Darbar Waste Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Darbar Group. We are recognized as the leading environmental solutions provider in Gujarat, serving more than 10 million municipal, commercial and industrial customers either directly or Indirectly in Gujarat, India.

Darbar Waste Corporation operates a network of operations that includes more than 10+ Industrial as well as Government sites, 7 Municipal transfer stations, 100+ vehicles for Solid Waste Management and Liquid Waste Services in the Industrial and Government sectors.

Darbar Waste Corporation has become one of the pioneers in Solid & Liquid Waste Management. The company has executed more than 25 major projects till date. It further plans to intensify activities in several other parts of the state and country by bringing in the latest technology in the industry and also plans to venture into related environmental projects.

Darbar Waste Corporation over the years, in its pursuit for a clean and green environment has been working in the field of Solid & Liquid Waste Management, using scientific methods, latest technologies and the best management practice in the field.


Services We Provide

Liquid Waste Services:

  •         Marine services for liquid waste
  •         Super sucker, vacuum emptiers, sewer jetting machines & non-clog pumps on hire
  •         Cleaning of industrial storage tanks and high-pressure water blasting in industries
  •         Septic tanks, soak pits and cess pool emptying
  •         Lagoon and reservoir cleaning
  •         E.T.P & S.T.P cleaning
  •         Drainage Line | Pumping Station | De-Choking Manhole | Chamber Cleaning
  •         Cooling tower, reactor, digester and pharma tank cleaning.


Solid Waste Services:

  •         Door to door garbage collection

We at Darbar Group Provide door-to-door garbage pickup services in various Municipalities across Gujarat. We cater to each area of assigned territory to fit their needs.

  •         Marine services for solid waste

Most waste generated on board a vessel can potentially harm the marine environment if discharged into the sea. The Marine Environment Protection Authority regulates discharges of waste to sea from ships to minimize its negative impact in this regard.

We provide garbage collection as well as other waste collection services on board vessels.

  •         Garbage container lifting

We at Darbar Group Provide door-to-door garbage pickup services in various Municipalities across Gujarat. We cater to each area of assigned territory to fit their needs.

  •         Road Sweeping by Mechanical Systems

We at Darbar Group offer sweeping services for roads, streets and industrial sector Using our wide range of state-of-the-art superior equipment’s tailored for varied street conditions, we get the job done right.

  •         Garbage Transportation

Our up-to-date, efficient fleet of waste transport vehicles in Gujarat is available to pick up your waste and transport it to our facility, regardless of quantity.

With such a robust fleet, we are ready and able to pick up waste from anywhere in Gujarat and then transport it to according to the needs of clients.



Darbar Corporation is committed to green environment and to provide world class facility in solid and liquid waste management always by using eco-friendly method of collection, transportation, storage and treatment facilities and we promise to serve our industrial and residential customer with integrity and upmost respect to human values through complete bio medical waste management solutions, value for the money service and environment conscious day by day for sustainable development.


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