Designing your dream - Design Work Group

   March 05, 2017

At DWG, we see architecture as a means. A means to enhance the personal experience. Whether it's a striking new build headquarters for an international client or a minimalist home, a project's starting point is always the client. We pride ourselves in our diligence and our humility.

We believe that clear, honest and frequent communications is the foundation of a successful project. We see sustainability as integral to the design of every building. With a team approach from the start, we analyse the site and building concept as a whole system. We strive to create a building that works on every level and is uniquely designed to support your life, your work and your goals.

About DWG

In 2006, three like-minded individuals came together to create something astonishing and unique and hence founded DWG. We are dedicated to creating projects with integrity, intelligence and flair. We have a team of young and experienced individuals including civil engineers, architects, urban designers and interior designers. We have developed and continue to build a talented practice that produces creative solutions.

As a team, DWG has vast experience in designing of residential bungalows (turn-key solutions) , apartments , commercials , industries and institutional projects. Being urban designers we have also worked on large scale master planning and regeneration projects. These projects include residential master planning , town centre development and industrial master planning.

"Strive to make it great, every single time" - DWG Team