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   July 05, 2017

Dr. Sejal Shah, an exceptional dental surgeon, founder and proprietor of IDENT, at the heart of Surat, Nanpura. She completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi university, Belgaum, Karnataka. She has practiced in Mumbai for more than a year.

She has also taken courses for specialty in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry and for full mouth rehabilitation courses held in Mumbai and Chennai for over 3 months and was awarded certificate for the fellowship in AESTHETIC AND GENERAL DENTISTRY by Encode affiliated to International Education Committee.

Dr. Sejal is known for her loving attitude towards her patients and her remarkably gentle hands. Not only is she extremely experienced in the field of dentistry, but she attends regular dental conferences and seminars to ensure that her skills, techniques and equipment is up to date, and state of the art.

Dr Shah is very particular for hygiene, personally ensures the highest level of sterilisation and sanitisation in her clinic, with regular quality and disinfectant checks and certifications for all her equipment, and clinic as a whole. Dr. Sejal Shah guarantees the highest possible level of dental care for all those who enter her clinic, and promises that you will leave with an ident smile on your face.

Services We Provide

Ident provides various types of services. They are

  •         Preventive care

At Ident, all dental procedures from basic to advanced are provided under one roof. During all procedures, the dental care provided is of supreme standards that ensures there is no compromise on all aspects of hygiene and sterilization. Minute attention to detail is paid regarding the above, so that our patients receive long term benefits. We provide preventive care for the entire family.

1st visit of consultation and examination is a very important process. After thorough clinical examination and a thorough X-ray examination, the doctors will explain an ideal treatment plan for your case. All your doubts and queries will be solved at this stage.


  •         Cosmetic dentistry

o   Smile designing

o   Bonding

o   Tooth whitening (Dental Bleaching)

o   Veneer (Laminates)

o   Gum depigmentation

o   Recontouring of teeth

o   Dental jewellery

o   Dental tattoo

  •         Tooth replacement

o   Dental implants

o   Crowns

o   Bridges

o   Dentures

  •         Root canal therapy

When decay or infection extends to the nerve of the tooth, the person almost always experiences throbbing pain. This pain increases at night and with cold and sweet foods. We, at Ident, offer painless Root canal treatment usually done in 30 minutes often after which the patients react by saying, ‘Wow, is that it?’ We make sure the procedure is painless and you are extremely comfortable. Multiple RC’s can be done in a single sitting, with our latest techniques. So, if you are afraid of the term “Root Canal” you know where to head for painless treatment.

  •         Periodontal disease

For everyone in their 30’s and above, the threat of gum disease is very real and potentially dangerous. The progress of this disease is usually painless until it creates serious destruction. Genetics and hygiene play an important role in its development. Gum disease is inflammation of the gums which attacks the gum and the underlying bone. This is the bone that holds the teeth in place. Clinically, the disease appears as mild bleeding from the gums. This can be treated by various procedures from cleaning to surgery. Our service includes various treatments like scaling, deep cleaning, Root planing, Flap surgery, Bone grafting, Tissue grafting, etc. Soft tissue lasers are frequently used. Periodontal surgery is also frequently used for cosmetic purposes like in gummy smile, etc.

  •         Orthodontics

ORTHODONTICS is the use of wires to align crooked teeth and to close gaps between teeth. The best age of starting ortho is after 7-8 years, since many adult dental problems can be avoided by early ortho treatment. Orthodontics, is not limited to children. Adults can also have their teeth straightened. Now, with newer technology, the placement of wires is behind the teeth called "Lingual ortho or Invisible Braces".

Dental tourism

It seems good dentistry, should be as good a reason as any to get on a plane and fly across the globe. Travel and communication has never been easier than it is today, which has thrown open infinite opportunities in the Dental Industry. This has greatly benefitted India, because it is now able to provide highly skilled dentistry, at a low cost to people from all over the world. Surat, specifically, has been the destination of choice for dental treatment for several reasons.

At IDENT (Surat, Gujarat), we welcome patients from the world over, and promise the best quality of dental care. The equipment is sterilised, and certified so, to meet and exceed international standards. Our talented doctors and exceptional quality, has really put us on the map.

For more details, log on to http://www.ident.co.in/dentaltourism/.



Sterilization procedures are important to any GOOD Dental Practice. A patient’s mouth is usually flooded with microbes, and any dental office that sees a large number of patients a day has an inherent potential for spreading infectious germs between patients and dental staff, through contaminated instruments and surfaces. Infection Control Measures not only reduce the chances of getting a dental infection, they also reduce the risk of catching serious diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Importance of Sterilization Ident is proud to say that atmost importance is given to the Sterilization Protocol.

a) Disposables are used for every patient starting with the doctor’s face mask, gloves, disposable drapes, glass dispensers, tray covers, suction tips, etc.

b) The instruments after being carefully washed are placed in an Ultra-sonic bath which removes even the tiniest particle due to its high frequency. Then they are subject to cold sterilization with a suitable disinfectant for a few hours. Finally, they are autoclaved (Steam Under Pressure).

For more details, log on to our website at http://www.ident.co.in/sterilization/.

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