India’s first Food Truck - Mexican Rodeo

   October 15, 2017

Who says Fast can’t be Fresh and Fresh can’t be Tasty?

Mexican Rodeo traces its humble origins to Surat, the financial capital of the state of Gujarat in Western India. The Mexican Rodeo story began as two young and enthusiastic individuals saw the potential of a Mexican Fast Food chain in the market and started developing a business model from scratch. This paved the way for India’s first Food Truck… Mexican Rodeo – Wheels The business was very good and the food truck provided a lot of visibility and brand recognition to Mexican Rodeo in the market but on the downside, the food truck business model is not a legally recognized format in India, that means that the business had to be wound up or taken care of in some other way.

About Mexican Rodeo

The following year saw a lot of new steps being taken; Mexican Rodeo opened its first QSR / Food Court Model of Mexican Rodeo at V R Mall on Surat – Dumas Road, Surat. The growth and expansion were a part of the National phased roll-out of the brand.

We take it as our priority to develop a business structured around fresh and tasty food at all times and at all levels. To ensure the best of the products to offer, we have developed our own supply chain and workings. The exclusive supply channel ensures two things, one is ensuring fresh, tasty and fantastic food at all times and second that the quality and consistency is constant.

Once everything got in order, the company laid emphasis on developing an effective back end and operational support system that will be serving as the backbone of the entire chain and will power the expansion plans across India. 

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