Tennis Cricket Australia

   August 18, 2017

The concept or playing on Tennis ball has raised from the idea of avoiding injuries which are possible with conventional cricket balls & playing cricket as recreational sports not as professional.

As the tennis ball cricket games are shorter versions when compared to the first-class matches or ODI’s, they are especially suited to recreational weekend play. In South Asian cities and villages, it is usually played out on the streets and roads or on agricultural fields. In the Middle Eastern countries, it is usually played in the open desert, while in the USA and Canada, baseball diamond grounds are utilized.

Most of our Players work full time and have family commitments, so it’s hard for them to play with cricket clubs which required you to be there for most part of your weekend & you have to attend training sessions. And if you take a hit with the ball or get injured it results in days off work. While playing any game you are susceptible to injuries but with the Hard Tennis Cricket ball chances of serious injuries are minimum


Here are some advantages of playing with us,

  •   Only 20-25 over games so you don’t need whole day
  •   No Practice required
  •   No investment required in terms of buying conventional cricket gears
  •   You can play in all seasons be winter or summer
  •   Very low membership fees
  •   No threat of serious injuries so you can go back to work on Monday morning
  •   Competitiveness and fun
  •   Make friends and enjoy stress free weekend

All of our games are on Sunday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm.

We teams all across Melbourne north (Preston), east (Hawthorne) and west (Sunshine). So you can join the team which is closer to where you live.

Understanding the Functions


It specifies rules of the tournaments In this game a more difficult version of tennis ball, in some cases, a tape ball, is used. The number of overs in the game varies from six to twenty-five. Considering that the ball is not as hard as the professional cricket ball, the use of protective gear like gloves, pads and helmets is optional. In most cases in this form sometimes, the ground may be a street or a compound. In such scenarios there may be a rule of pitching catch or inside house out etc


It shows the details of the current tournaments & upcoming tournaments.  Even it displays the results and event details



It shows the list of teams playing the tournaments

Points Table

Points table is a format to record teams played and participate with their performance in a systematic way.