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Business owners have their own ideas or thoughts on how to take their businesses forward with different approaches. To meet such a wide range of requirements, Eastern Techno Solutions offers Custom Application Development services in India. These services let us customize the web application as per the product and the client’s requirements. To optimize output, we have replaced all manual work with machines. With the latest technology, discrepancies are eliminated, making the process more reliable. In this fast-moving era, Custom Application Development services serve as a means to take your product out into the world in the most efficient way.


Custom Application Development is a process that is built from scratch and directed towards fulfilling each client’s specifications. Our experience allows us to target the client’s area of concern and helps us in successfully delivering exceptional custom application development services. From developing custom applications for various sectors to working for individuals, Eastern Techno Solutions understands the specific needs of all.

The Agile Process to achieve your business goal

Selleo advocates following the rules and principles of Agile and Lean software development methodologies as the most effective approach to managing projects. We use Scrum as a lightweight agile process framework to manage our software development as it ensures an appropriate level of communication and collaboration with the client's people. We perceive it to be a critical success factor in the execution of outsourced projects.


Opt For Excellent Quality App Development Services

Take advantage of our custom application development services to improve the security of your solution, speed time to market, and deliver exceptional customer value.


Assurance Of Top-Grade Quality

Our team of QA experts have hands-on experience in all major types of testing, including functionality, usability, load, stress, acceptance, integration testing and more.

DevOps Integrated Culture

Our team relies heavily on continuous integration and delivery. We often merge code changes into a central shared repository and run automated unit tests to get up close and fix bugs early.


Robust Security

We have developed a comprehensive approach to security and privacy in several areas, and constantly optimize it to meet the most demanding requirements and regulations.

Software Architecture

For many developers, software architecture and design are overlooked, which might hinder the application's performance and development velocity. Other projects may suffer from big design up front, which can cause unnecessary complexity and delay feedback that would otherwise come organically during implementation.

We have a pragmatic approach to architecture and design issues. We pinpoint the most significant areas that are worth investing upfront time, and prioritize others afterwards, where the design comes only after more critical development iterations are finished. Microservice architecture

This architecture allows continuous delivery for complex development.

I usually tell most people to start by learning HTML and CSS, then move into learning JavaScript. The reason is that JavaScript is used everywhere: frontend, backend, and even to build mobile apps. It has many use cases, which is why I think it’s smart to learn.

If you have an interest in coding and graphic design, then there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t learn skills in both areas. They often work hand-in-hand, so having knowledge and skills in both areas could be desirable for certain career paths. You could also think about pursuing something in between like UI design, which is a very in-demand career right now!

In general, having design skills along with coding skills is helpful. But it’s also okay to do one over the other. My advice would be to just get started! You can always change directions later… as long as you’re changing directions to the final destination you’re looking for!


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Why Choose Us For Custom Software Development Services?

Having advanced feature-rich software today is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for having an advantage over competitors. For over a decade, One Technologies has been a trusted ally to organizations across the globe when it comes to custom software development.

From conceptualization ideas to coding, development to deployment, The One Technologies provides custom software development services that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues. Whether you're looking to develop a customized app for your business or improve your existing software environment, we offer the bespoke software application development services you require.

We have highly skilled and experienced software developers with excellent technical knowledge in using the latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies. We invest continuously in training and education, to be able to respond to any new technology challenges and demands from our clients.

  • Flexibility and Efficiency

    As per your business requirements, you can decide what features you want to be included in the software product.

  • Security

    Custom software application development gives you full control over what security technologies or protocols are integrated into your software.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    You can begin working on the most critical features and, depending on your budget, implement advanced features over time.

  • Better Integration with Existing Systems

    The customized software application can easily be integrated with existing systems of yours and can be tailored to suit the skill level of users.

  • Scalability

    Custom software application development allows you to ensure that your software scales to accommodate the growth of your business over time.

  • Optimized Business Process

    Custom software development helps you optimize your business processes rather than replacing them.

Opt For Excellent Quality App Development Services

Take advantage of our custom application development services to improve the security of your solution, speed time to market, and deliver exceptional customer value.

Tailor-made Mobile App Development

Get consistent cross-platform experiences by taking advantage of our custom mobile solutions to build impressive applications without sacrificing design or feel. Take users by storm with powerfully in-built VR and AI competencies, seamless social media sharing, secure in-app payments and much more. Our immaculate custom mobile application development solutions ensure the harnessing of advanced technologies to develop feature-rich mobile applications.

Multi-pronged Staff Augmentation Solutions

Complement your business objectives and software needs with our staff augmentation services. Count on us and our proficient IT experts for your complex software development needs. Our proven strategy allows you to get your hands on professionals with commendable domain experience and business skills. Focus on your business while we carry the heavy load of our richly featured applications.

Legacy Applications Modernization

The need to keep reinventing is a grave concern that needs to be addressed without further ado. The spread of digital platforms such as Android, Facebook, Twitter, analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it imperative for firms to stay competitive. As a leading custom software development firm, we look forward to bridging the gap between our current capability and the software needs of the client.

Custom E-commerce Solutions To Drive Your Growth

Our custom software solutions empower B2B and B2C difference-makers to derive huge benefits and leads which you can convert into potential cash cows. We as an award-winning custom software development company will own your e-commerce project to ensure it reaches the zenith of excellence. Our software will trigger growth in the customer base and ensure limitless revenue opportunities marking the success of your business.

Personalized Chatbot Solutions

Chatbots help companies stay live with a bang. Companies need to be available to their customers day and night. Chapter247 offers all-encompassing custom software chatbot development services to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. We provide highly astute and refined chatbot development solutions that can be implemented in the divergent fields of entertainment, education, sports, distribution and much more. We are just a click away!

Innovative Edutech Solutions

Transforming education with hands-on technology expertise is what we excel at. Our powerful online custom software solutions that empower students to outperform themselves, have been one of our major offerings as an accomplished custom software development application company. Collaborate with us to inspire your students to excel and surpass their efforts with our real-time performance trackers, learning inputs, audio and video augmented solutions and much more.

Blockchain Solutions

Our Industry authorized Blockchain solutions work to secure your data and digitize your applications. Our Blockchain technology experts integrate and engineer blockchain applications and networks. The software product we build together will be reliable, robust will draw users owing to compliance and conformity.

Benefit From Our Efficient Logistics Solutions

We provide your business with a rich layer of custom-made logistics software solutions to ensure the seamless operation of your supply chain and network of distribution. As a leading custom software development provider reap the benefits of a modernized, customized and scalable logistics software solution to streamline your supply chain complexities.

Expert Cloud Computing Services

Extensibility, Receptivity, and cost-efficiency are the key benefits companies achieve when they embrace cloud computing. For any business to move to a cloud environment is a strategic change that will have a lasting long-term impact on the way they will operate. As a highly rated custom software development company we will help you embrace cloud computing like a pro.

Build your app to reach far and wide!

We at ETS offer state-of-the-art Firebase development services for mobile app development projects. Our consultants will identify the most profitable growth roadmap for your mobile app, build capabilities using Firebase for your backend and create solid front-end mobile apps.


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