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As mobile apps evolved from being simple entertainment platforms for people to more sophisticated and challenging tools for even enterprises, there was a huge need to improve its backend capabilities. Backed by Google, Firebase offers a suite of tools required for businesses to build powerful apps without having to worry about management of infrastructure. It is designed to support backend developers at all stages of development and helps in improving the quality of the overall app development exercise.


Firebase is used to manage real-time data in the database. It easily and quickly exchanges the data to and from the database. It uses NoSQL for the database for the storage of data. Firebase has three main services, i.e., a real-time database, user authentication, and hosting. When you’re looking to develop an application in the traditional method, there’s an inherent need to write codes for frontend and backend software. Firebase triumphs over traditional methods, as it allows you to develop applications without the need for backend codes. We use these services with the help of the Firebase iOS SDK to create apps without writing any server code.

Firebase App Development Services

We are established as one of the best Firebase development company have opted firebase as one of our backends choice for creating robust web and mobile application & be it firebase app development or firebase database deployment, our Dev team will have track record of making our clients contented with our quality custom Firebase development services.

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Benefits of Firebase App Development

Firebase is a framework rich in possibilities it has to offer for developers of the new age. With better quality, data storage and syncing facility, app marketing, user engagement and improved interface techniques. Firebase is slowly becoming a trendsetter to it's own kind.


Real-Time Database

Firebase offers cloud-hosted NoSQL database which efficiently stores and syncs up data between the users. Also, there is no need of backend to build apps, as it comes with loaded SDKs for various platforms, Android, iOS,Web and so on.


Secure Web Hosting

Firebase hosting gives you the opportunity to set-up a single-page, a mobile landing page, web page or a progressive web page with ease. Developers can easily deploy the web apps at Content Delivery Network.


Firebase Authentication

Firebase authentication offers easy sign-in process with identity solution for emails, passwords and other social media. Firebase also gives you a flexible and customized UI, without compromising with data security.

Simple & Secure App with Firebase Auth

Drop-In Auth Solution

Firebase provides a customizable user interface, it also provides drop-in auth solution that handles the UI flows for authenticating users on mobile devices and websites.

Easy Authentication

The Firebase UI Auth component implements the best practices, the authentication provides the backend services, simple-to-use SDKs and instant UI libraries to confirm clients over your application, which can maximize sign-in and sign-up conversion for your app.

Comprehensive Security

Firebase is a back-end as a service, it receives many requests to your both real-time and firestore database & if anything found suspicious than firebase has security rules that you can write to lock-down your databases.

Fast Implementation

Firebase provides a set of security and authentication to your application without writing many complex queries & also handle complex cases like, account merging to ease your development.


Move Data Seamlessly with Firebase Cloud Storage


Store Your Data

Firebase cloud storage developed for developers which allows them quick and easy storage and serve user-generated content. Such as images, videos, code, and serve user-generated content.


Strong Security

Firebase SDKs for cloud storage integrate seamlessly with firebase authentication. It also provides a declarative security language to set access controls on individual files or groups of files, to provide simple & intuitive authentication.


Robust Operations

Firebase SDKs for cloud storage perform uploads and downloads. It will automatically pause and restarts your transfers as the app loses and regains mobile connectivity, saving the time and bandwidth of your users.


Highly Scalable and Performant

Cloud storage for firebase is built for exabyte scale, when your app need to scale up more. It offers object storage and individual objects can be large in size backed by Google infrastructure, which makes it more scalable.

Why Choose FireBase


Cloud Firestore

Store up your app data and sync it all with Cloud Firestore on a global level without having to buy more servers



A simple and completely secure authentication process offered to your users without any hassles.



Now deliver your web app assets in a considerably lesser time and at a better optimized speed.



Commendable analytics that brings you real-time reports of crashes and bugs to be fixed on priority.



In-app messaging facility to communicate with the active app users, providing instant results and increasing conversion rate.


Google Analytics

Get unlimited and regular analytics reports by Google on your app's performance, at a global scale.



Gives you reports on user's predicament, improving your app's performance, next time user visits



Optimize your app's performance and users' engagement with regular quality testing.


Cloud Messaging

Send collective messages and push notifications to your targeted audience regularly, on a large scale.


Remote Configuration

Modify your application without the need for having to deploy a new version.


Performance Monitoring

Get regular insights into your application's performance and what you can do for improvements.


App Testing

Test your application's performance on devices run by Google.

Serverless Architectures with Firebase Cloud Functions

Real Time App with Cloud Firestore

Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable database for mobile, web, and server development from the Google Cloud Platform. It improves on the successes of the real-time database with a modern database, stores and syncs your data, supports faster queries, and scales better than the real-time database.

Real-Time Updates

Cloud Firestore uses data synchronization to keep your data in sync across client apps through real-time listeners. It also offers offline support for mobile and web so you can build responsive apps that work regardless of network latency or Internet connectivity.


NoSQL Database

Cloud Firestore is a cloud-hosted, NoSQL database that your iOS, Android, and web apps can access directly via native SDKs. These documents are stored in collections, which are containers for your documents that you can use to organize your data and build queries.


Build Serverless Apps with Firestore

Cloud Firestore ships with mobile and web SDKs and a complete set of security so you can access your database without needing to set up your own server. Using Cloud Functions, our serverless compute product can execute hosted backend code that responds to data changes in our database.


Offline Support

Firestore can automatically synchronize app data between devices. It will notify data changes as they occur. Users can access and make changes to their data at any time, even when they’re offline.


Scale Globally

Cloud Firestore is powered by Google’s storage infrastructure to scale with your business which supports automatic multi-region data replication, strong consistency guarantees, atomic batch operations, and real transactions without worrying about managing servers & compatibility.


User-Based Security

Cloud Firestore integrates with Firebase Authentication to provide simple and intuitive user authentication which improves the authorization & security of the app. Cloud Firestore Security Rules and Identity and Access Management allow you to secure your mobile, web, and server data, respectively.


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ETS is a top-ranked Web and Mobile App Development Company and has helped many small and large enterprises through industry-specific Javascript Development solutions.

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