PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap Development

PhoneGap is open source framework to develop mobile application using web technologies. A web technology includes HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. Developers can build applications using PhoneGap over different mobile platforms. PhoneGap works over the entire mobile platform with just one-time code development. To run PhoneGap Mobile Application, you must have web browser which will run your application using web views. PhoneGap are far different from normal website developed for handset. A new advanced technology has implemented over PhoneGap to interact with the hardware devices such as GPS & Accelerometer.

Eastern Techno Solutions provides you PhoneGap Development services to build your app to by expertise PhoneGap Developers. Our developers build your app for one time and this app can run on various other platforms. Developers then test your app over the web browser over multiple mobile operating systems. These may save your cost of development & time for your business solution. ETS also provides your Hire Dedicated PhoneGap Developer for your project on hour basis to meet your requirement. At last, we test & port your application to iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Window Phone 7. In conclusion, your app would be build 30% faster using PhoneGap.


Why Choose PhoneGap Development Services?

  • Open Source Project
  • Cross-platform framework compatibility
  • Develop mobile apps using HTML5, JS & CSS3
  • Build native apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry with one time code
  • Supports advanced technology to interact with Hardware Functionality
  • Third Party API Integration
  • Testing & porting over multiple mobile application platform


Why Choose Eastern for PhoneGap Development?

  • Custom PhoneGap Development
  • Best of Experience for HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery
  • Hire Dedicated PhoneGap Developer
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Reasonable Price for Development